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West and South-West of Ireland with car and driver

A Galway Bay Hooker at the pier in Kinvara today. This would have been one of the boats taking part in the Cruinniu na mBad (the gathering of the boats) this weekend.

Two of the smaller boats at the harbour wall. These smaller boats were known as Pucans and Gleoteoigs, and were also fishing boats.

These larger Hookers were the ones used for carrying supplies along the coast, and also for fishing. The three bigger boats in the background arrived in Kinvara last evening from Connemara loaded with turf which was then auctioned off on the quayside. You can actually see a truck in the background loaded with some of the peat that had been sold.

Dave and Deb at Ashford Castle today.

Today was our day in Connemara, and what a lovely day we had. Dave and Deb are wonderful company, and i felt like a tourist myself as we travelled through this land immortalised in that great old John Wayne movie "The Quiet Man".. It is always special for me when my travelling companions are enjoying themselves and loving all that they are seeing as i never get bored with the beauty of this country myself.

A freshly cut load of turf (peat) ready to be brought in for storage to keep the Winter fires burning. Peat makes a lovely fire and is used in many homes throughout Ireland to this day for both heating the home and for cooking. This is the time of the year for saving the turf, and we saw a lot of that type of activity today.

Deb and Dave sitting on the wall in glorious sunshine on the Sky Road near Clifden. Those of you who have heard that it always rains in Ireland, please note the blue skies.

The coral strand near Ballyconneely in Connemara. The blues and greens of the Atlantic waters in this area are just beautiful. Irish skies are also special with wonderful cloud formations, as you can see in this photo. My dear friend, the late Jane Conneen, who was a wonderful artist and who toured with me many times, used to say that there were no skies like Irish skies. It was really only then that i started to take notice of them. Typical …..we rarely pay adequate attention to the beauty that surrounds us, but thanks to Jane, i now do appreciate them a lot more.

Dave and Deb in Roundstone with its quaint harbour in the background. Note the lovely skies and the rugged mountains in the background.This little Connemara town is extremely popular and well worth a visit.

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