Customer Recommendations

Bob Donnelly
I am writing to thank you for the best vacation we ever had!
When my wife & I decided to visit Ireland for the first time, it was not only for the pure beauty of Ireland, but also in the hope that I might be able to locate relatives of my grandmother who emigrated to New York in 1908 from Castlebar, County Mayo. Not wanting to drive ourselves, we researched the internet and decided to contact you to learn more. With each communication, we became more comfortable with the itinerary and the trip plan.

From the first day we met at Shannon airport until the last sad day that we had to leave, we will remember not only your wealth of knowledge of Ireland and its history, but your kindness to us and your wonderful sense of humor. The 8 day plan that you devised for us could not have been better. Your remarkable driving skills and the spacious comfort of your vehicle gave us an opportunity to not only be totally relaxed throughout our tour, but to have the benefit of a very professional tour guide.

I would also like to add for anyone who should read this that Dave asked for any information that I could provide about my grandmother.  Knowing how important this would be for me, Dave did research on his own (above & beyond the call of duty). The third day of our planned itinerary called for a trip to Castlebar, County Mayo, the home of my ancestors. Dave informed us that since the Mayor of Castlebar considered this visit to be a special occasion, a reception was planned in our honor. Although I thought this a bit unusual, we walked into a small reception hall wherein the Mayor and the Town Council presented us with an Address of Welcome. After several short welcoming speeches and photos taken for the town newspaper, I was introduced to 4 second cousins (grandchildren of my grandmothers sisters).

It was an extremely emotional and happy time. Dave did this all on his own time and arranged for me to meet family that I did not really know existed. We all confirmed our relationship & I am happy to say that thanks to Dave, I have a wonderful ongoing relationship with my cousins in Ireland and those that I have now recently found in New Jersey. I apologize for this rather lengthy testimonial, but just want to encourage anyone thinking about a trip to Ireland to consider this wonderful man and the gracious service he provides.

Paul and Nancy Austin
Returned from our holiday in Ireland – had the time of our lives.
Thanks to Dave Hogan and Dove Chauffeur Drive. He not only made all of the arrangements but also is so knowledgeable.

We feel like we made a friend for life! Thank you!