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Dave Hogan’s Chauffeurdrive service Ireland West

The ladies at the Conor Pass today, high in the mountains, on a bright, breezy, and beautiful day.

If you get to Dingle make sure to visit Maura Houlihan’s Beehive huts near Slea Head. This lady is in herself all that is wonderful about the Irish welcome. You can tell her that Dave Hogan sent you. She charges 2 Euro to see her wonderful ancient Beehives and she saves it up to visit her family in the USA every year. What more do you need to know.

The Blasket Islands, seen her in the background, were finally abandoned in the sixties, and how beautiful they looked today in the glorious sunshine.Most of the departees went to Hungry Hill Springfield Mass.

From Left, Barbara,Maureen,Diane,Maura Houlihan,Eileen and Caroline. Inside Maura Houlihan’s home where the ladies discovered that Maura has a daughter living close to them on Long Island. They are going to make contact and also meet Maura when she gets to the USA in the near future.This house has been renovated but dates back 500 years.

Here we have Caroline with her own version of St Patrick’s Crook.

Now you know what Irish cows do in the sunshine.My ladies just could not see enough of the animals, the cows, the sheep, the goats and the horses.We take so much for granted here.

Here we have Eileen with a donkey and his master musician in Dingle town.Eileen just could not get enough pictures of the animals as both she and Caroline are true animal lovers.She got to feed this guy a carrot and if you enlarge this photo you can just about make out the little bit of green veggie sticking out of his mouth as he had gobbled the whole carrot in one go.

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