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Chauffeurdrive Vacations in Ireland for 2012

St Brigid’s well near the Cliffs of Moher.

Tomorrow, 1st February, is St Brigid’s Day. It is of course also the first day of Spring. Springtime in Ireland can be beautiful and lets hope that this year it is just that. Now the flowerd will start to appear, first of all the daffodils, and then a wonderful assortment of wildflowers all over the country. Now you know why we need the rain we get, and when you see our flowers, you will not mind the rain.

St Brigid is the Patroness of Ireland, and our first female saint. She was born just after St Patrick’s time into a noble family. She was very beautiful and therfore a great asset for the family as a beautiful daughter would give the family that power to join up with another powerful family through marriage. She was extremely pious and had no desire whatsoever to serve anybody but God and when she diiscovered that her beauty was going to cause her a problem she scarred her face and this put paid to her family’s wishes for her, or should i say for themselves. She joined the nuns and, amazingly, when she was consecrated as a nun, her beauty was once again restored.

There are many miracles associated with this great saint, both during her life and since. Many people visit this holy well to pray and leave their requests for people, living and dead. A place well worth visiting…..even if you do not believe in miracles. Remember …..a prayer never did anybody any harm….not even to those who said the prayer…..believers or non-believers. They also say that there are no atheists in the trenches.

In the background you can see a man entering the narrow cave where the well is. Inside you will see hundreds of tiny tokens belonging to people who are maybe sick or dying, missing or dead, and which are left behind by their families or friends. It can be a very touching experience, especially when you look at the photos of small children or teenagers, or young married mothers or fathers, or indeed grandparents who are sadly missed by their families. In places like this we all find that there is somebody that we remember.

Despite the problems in our church, the Irish people still hold on to their beliefs, and long may that last.

Wild flowers at the Cliffs of Moher. It was cold, but the air was fresh and healthy and the sea calm. What a lovely place to spend some quiet time.

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